Affiliate Marketing-How To Maximize Profits And Grow Your Online Business

In this newsletter, I’m going to give you my insider advice on how to optimize your affiliate campaigns to maximize your profits and commissions!

Being an online marketer and blogger has given me a unique insight into what separates top affiliates apart from the rest. My goal here is to share my 3 big tips on how to maximize your profits and commissions:

Tip 1: Use Success Stories to Minimize Refunds

No one likes refunds: It’s exciting to make a sale, so having it refunded can feel like a kick in the gut. But there is one way you can fight them: Success stories!

Your blog is an amazing tool that takes a lot of the work out of finding affiliate programs that are profitable. But there is still work involved in picking and identifying winners among many.

As an affiliate, you will need to contact each supplier and get an affiliate account with them.

As an affiliate, Sometimes you will be challenged by the work involved in making a sale happen, this additional work discourages people. That is why success stories are so powerful.

They encourage your customers to go to the effort of contacting the suppliers because they know that other previous customers have done so, and have used the products they’ve bought to create successful eCommerce businesses.

Tip 2: Being Realistic about What is Included with Your Affiliate program.

When promoting your affiliate programs, be realistic about what is included in the subscription. Explain what it doesn’t give you access to and walk the customer feature by feature where possible. And be open about how there is additional work required in order to make the business work.

Many bloggers have used their blogs to make money online from running affiliate programs. A blog on its own is a fantastic tool that has more than one of converting skills or abilities into real cash.

You don’t need to over-promise to get a sale. By being honest, customers won’t feel lied to when they see what is actually inside you affiliate offers, and chances are that they won’t request a refund.

If you are promoting a downloadable software, use Screenshots and video overviews of what’s included in the offers section. This is a great way to prepare customers for what they’re going to get when they buy.

Tip 3: Learn About Email Marketing and Use it, if You Aren’t Already

Email marketing is the key to drastically increasing your commissions, profits, and EPCs. Unfortunately, most affiliates don’t use email marketing. This is a mistake. Most people aren’t willing to buy anything from you after reading an article or watching a video. They need a follow-up marketing campaign. If you don’t know about email marketing, then make it your number 1 priority to learn how to utilize it. We recommend Aweber for your email client service.

And don’t forget: We have a 9-day email autoresponder series that you can get for free. Just sign up and have it sent to you daily into your inbox.

That’s my advice to help you grow your online business, increase your commission and reduce your refunds!

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Eddie Mcfarren Is Founder

& CEO Of Data Race he also runs a network of online Media Outlets Including News Watch. when he is not blogging he runs online webinars And SEO services from the Northwest Of England.

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Although I spent the first ten years of my life in my little home village, the remainder of my childhood was spent moving – a lot. Growing up incredibly poor, my childhood was undoubtedly rough. Yet these rough years also represent some of the best years of my life. The tougher the situations were, the bigger my dreams became. I moved to United Kingdom back in 2005, and created a close “family” of friends for myself.

Currently, I am the 33 year old father of a boy and a girl. I live in my own six bedroomed house in the northwest of England, bought in March 2016 “pre-dominantly white suburbia”, which suits me perfectly. I’m an SEO expert, Web Developer, Blog network Owner, freelance content creator, Reviewer and work part time as an entrepreneurial Mentor.

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