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Ranking for a profitable keyword phrase can quickly become a tag of war-like dog fight, and the SEO battle between two rivals can get heated and ugly in no time.

Okay, maybe you think that’s overly dramatic, but you get the idea.

When you’re battling for search ranking supremacy, it can get dirty,
and nothing is off limits.

Hence You need to devise a winning strategy to not only outrank the competition but crush them and dominate if you want to maintain your position.

One technique I’ve found to be incredibly effective for gaining the
upper hand in the SEO battle is to identify your competition’s
best-performing page and outrank it. This is easier said than done, but with tools and the right information to hand, there is nothing to stop you from becoming an SEO Vilain online.
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The Best SEO tactics for 2017 all selling above $499.

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Eddie McFarren Banda
Blog Owner | SEO Expert | Content Creator | Reviewer | Web Developer | Mentor
I was born in an itty bitty Blantyre township called Malabada in the outskirts of populous Ndirande town. Two weeks after I was born my father went A.W.O.L which forced my mother and six brothers and sisters to move back to Chikumbeni village 15 kilometers outside of Zomba Municipal town.

Although I spent the first ten years of my life in my little home village, the remainder of my childhood was spent moving – a lot. Growing up incredibly poor, my childhood was undoubtedly rough. Yet these rough years also represent some of the best years of my life. The tougher the situations were, the bigger my dreams became. I moved to United Kingdom back in 2005, and created a close “family” of friends for myself.

Currently, I am the 33 year old father of a boy and a girl. I live in my own six bedroomed house in the northwest of England, bought in March 2016 “pre-dominantly white suburbia”, which suits me perfectly. I’m an SEO expert, Web Developer, Blog network Owner, freelance content creator, Reviewer and work part time as an entrepreneurial Mentor.

My favorite things to read are epic fantasy, autobiographies, historical fiction, young adult/coming of age,  middle school fiction,  inspirationals, and anything pertaining to or revolving around football. Besides reading and writing, my free time is occupied with friends, family, fishing, football, hiking, and cooking.

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