Hi! Eddie here! And I’ve been building small-scale businesses since 2008; Today I spend much of my time worrying about screwing up money earned, starting and growing businesses.

I am a Father, self-taught investor, financial freedom enthusiast, and perpetual money savings learner.

I want to Welcome you to Mablogger(The Money Blog in the personal finance space where I focus on building wealth through diverse options available to anyone at an affordable entry level no matter your background.

What I do:

I enjoy investing in passive income through alternative (nonmainstream income streams and) dividend growth stocks.

Who/What I am:

As a 30 something man, en route to a planned early retirement, life long aspiring billionaire investor who loves to share his thoughts on:

  • Starting and growing SME businesses
  • Investing
  • Dividend Stocks
  • Building Wealth
  • Money Management
  • Financial Independence

What I’m not:

Let me warn you in advance that I am not a licensed investment adviser, and I’m not providing you with individual investment advice of any form when I share thoughts, beliefs, and convictions about money and business opportunities.

Site Disclaimer:

It is my hope that through this website I should only be able to purposely inform you in an entertaining matter. While most of the ideas and concepts here have served me and a few others well, nothing presented here is to constitute investment advice.

I and other helpful hands working here as part of this team will not be liable for any losses suffered by any party because of information published on this blog.

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