Decoration Ideas For Living Room walls 

 Decoration Ideas For Living Room walls

Sometimes a home needs a touch of color and life to add vibrancy and positive energy to space. Fortunately, adding life to your home is not necessarily an expensive endeavor. With a good know-how budgeting for home decoration is all you need. Making a few additions or changes to your home can be enough to bring in the spark it needs.Living Room – Add ColorThese are five of our favorite natural additions that can change a home’s look & feel.Plants & FlowersThere is no better way to add life to space than by placing life itself; beautiful plants and flowers bring energy, air, and color to any home. Even a small houseplant can do wonders for a space by bringing vivid greens to the color palette. Another great option is to add vibrancy by using colorful flower pots that combine with flowers and plants’ natural shades. From a vivid red matt to a bright lilac, your best bet is to use plastic planters as they come in all desired colors, shapes and sizes and they can be used indoors.MirrorsMirrors create a visual illusion by making a space look larger. The reflection of light also brings outside brightness to a room, so position the mirror to bounce both natural light and the outside view. The more simple and large the mirror, the more life you can bring to the space. Mirrors with heavy designs and patterns can actually weigh down the room, so in this case, less is more.Interesting PiecesMinimalism may be very ‘in’ nowadays, but it sure doesn’t bring visual interest to the eye. By hanging beautiful artistic pieces or items that tell a story, your personality and history are placed on exhibit. Whether they be items from past trips like a Ganesha statue, an art piece from a thrift shop, or a collection of tea cups inherited from your grandmother, these pieces bring life to a home through their stories.Splashes of ColourFurniture and walls tend to be on the conservative side when it comes to colors, usually falling under dimmer shades of white, black or grey. To add a splash of color and life to a room, bring in pieces that ‘clash’ against the solid color items. Bright and patterned throw pillows make for a fun and easy way to decorate a living room sofa or a bedroom. Other ideas can be centerpiece décor pieces, vibrant lamps, or colorful rugs.Art & FramesIt’s difficult to go wrong with hanging up pieces of art, whatever art means to you on a personal level. Whether that is stunning copies of Picasso favorites, paintings by art students, drawings by your children or even exciting movie posters, all kinds of paintings and posters bring life and color to a room. The frames themselves can add a beautiful aesthetic to the look and how it matches against the walls’ colors and textures. Generally, add pieces that bring a smile to your face.Remember – even small details & changes can feel like a breath of fresh air!.

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