A Really Simple Beginners Guide On How To Make Money Blogging

Choosing Your Domain Name And Host

Learn the pros and cons of choosing your the best web hosting providers for your budget…

WordPress Set Up & Designing Your Blog.

Follow this step by step guide to setting up WordPress and how to design your blog the even if you are a newbie…

Content Creation & Monetization

Content in the blogging and marketing industry is not just king… It is the science and art of how you create it!

Starting A Niche Blog As An Investment

How Do I Become A Fashion And Beauty Blogger?

If you are starting a blog by definition you are actually investing your hard earned money with the hope that this blog will bring you a return on your investment. Any act of committing money to an endeavor with the expectation of obtaining a profit is indeed Investing. And that is why on this blog when we talk about investing, we cover anything from buying stocks, starting a small scale business and many other forms of Investment.The goal of investing is to put your money to work in one or more types of investment vehicles in the hopes of growing your money over time. Personally, I like to invest in investment vehicles that I can control and predict with precise surety that the return on investment is going to be handsomely rewarding.Niche blogs have been my preferred method of investment and if you want to follow along, you better get started how to set up your niche blogs so you can invest successfully, by grounding yourself first in some fundamental principles and concepts of bloggers make money online.

Wondering How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online?

Starting a blog can seem to be the only way to make money online as witnessed in the past trend in growth of lifestyle business since Instagram and YouTube happened.

Everywhere you turn on social media as well as local social settings, influencer Marketing is the rage  at the moment. No wonder every now and then you will notice a growing number of curious blogging enthusiasts wondering and asking if anyone can make money blogging.

The other one so popular is, how much money can you really make blogging? This blog is a result of most of these questions you have as a beginner and for some reasons, you possibly landed on here because you are curious or desperate to find out about how bloggers make money right? 

Can I Make Money Blogging?

Make money online

Make money online

A quick answer is yes! You can make money by starting a blog. There is a process and possibly a steep learning curve for you to actually get to a point where your blog has become profitable enough to go full time on a blogging income as a blogger.

Making money on a personal blog or just about any other type of blogs people start out can sometimes become a little complex to understand especially when the person starting the blogging business knows very little about the process and ways how money is made online and specific methods bloggers use to make an insane amount of money blogging.

How Does Making Money Blogging Work?

How Does Making Money Blogging Work?

How Does Making Money Blogging Work?

For a start, a personal blog means you as the blogger have valuable ideas, a voice or a skillset you can exchange you can exchange with your audience for a monetary value. Luckily, there are many ways to monetize just about any blog built on a self-hosted platform and make money blogging.

Now, the one thing to take into account on this stage is that, there are numerous ways of monetization strategies you can apply, that said, you will need to give it a thorough thought on how what strategy you will choose for your blog rightly so, from the begin of your blog and at any cost, monetization should never be an afterthought.

So as an experienced blogger, if I was launching a new blog on the market, I would start from the back and work my way up to the front.

Is your blog going to end up selling a physical product that you ship to your customers when they order 12 months from the day you launch? If that is the case then workout your sales channels, price points, distribution channels and fulfillment channels down to your audience awareness stages where you will create content that educates your potential buyers.

And in order for you to do that, you will need to be very intentional with your blog content creation. Are you good with knitting? Is your goal in starting your personal blog to make money selling knitwear or knitting patterns?

Chances may be that you are an avid home dressmaker or cake maker with a vast knowledge of cake or home dressmaking.

In that case, you would have to work on laying out your blogging strategy beginning with these key pillars as your building blocks.

  1. Be Intentional With Your Blogging Style.
  2. Be A Visionary In How You Layout Your Blogging Timeline.
  3. Have A Clear Foresight For Your Goals
  4. Have A Keen Insight To Your Niche Market.
  5. Your Blog Must Be Purpose Driven.

Talking of being intentional, those pillars will require anyone starting a blog to take a fresh look at how their blogging lifestyle with intentions of bridging out into selling or promoting a product or service. If you are an avid Instagram influencer marketer, you will then need to understand what it means in your targeted niche market to be living with intent.

Your Challenge As A Blogging Beginner

A growing number of new bloggers come online every day to start their blog without actually understanding why certain blogs that are successful got set up in such a way they are…

When you know what makes a blog convert, you will make decisions knowingly with the intent and purpose for which your personal blog was built upon.

The take way here is the fact that, your blog must be built on the simple formula of interest:

INTEREST = Benefit + Curiosity

How Can That Be Achieved?

Your niche market research will play a huge role in filling up the gaps for you at this stage and that data will help you figure out how to:

  1. Provide value
  2. Provide first steps
  3. Offer a thousand foot overview of the process
  4. Reposition the problem

Why Go Into All The Trouble Giving Away Value, Is This Part Of How Blogs Make Money?

While there are plenty of ways of making money with your blog, most of your consumers may not even be aware they have a problem or they gave up a long time ago that a solution actually exists that can put their misery to bed. And that requires you to educate your audience long before you ask for a sale. 

This is the only reason why giving away helpful and informative freebies is a huge part of the marketing scheme for bloggers as many of these blogs that make money, have a lot of things in common:

  1. They solve desperate problems.
  2. They meet needs using unique promise.
  3. They provide the consumer an overwhelming proof that whatever they are promoting, actually works!
  4. They present their audience with an irresistible offer.
  5. They make sure they insinuate a sense of urgency or reason good enough for the consumer to act fast.





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